imageHey Everyone,

We finally have our new singlets in stock. You got to be quick though as there are only 30 mens (S-XL) and 30 womens singlets (S-XL).

They are only $35.

Will make a great Xmas prezzie for yourself 🙂

The singlet has our icon Tangaroa on the front in red (blue singlets for women, green/grey for men) and on the back we have the quote: “Intensity with Integrity”.

This is a key motto for the Box…familiarise yourself with it and live by it with every workout you do.

INTENSITY – you are only working out for 1hr so put the effort into it and get the most out of that workout. Don’t be a WOD tourist that just comes in casually gets ready and chats about the weekend gone and the one to come, slowly starts the warmup half way through, puts half the effort into the strength component, and/or “walks” a WOD. Instead, be the person that comes in focused and ready to rumble, do the full warmup, put max effort into the strength component, and push yourself to go that extra mile in a WOD.

INTEGRITY – be honest with your movements, this is to say – work on your technique and form, get it down packed as cleaner movements lead to better and quicker results. Work on your standards, are you hitting the depth with the squat? or are you locking out your elbows where needed? Getting your standards right ensure easier rep counts, but most importantly it allows you to make better comparisons for your progress and growth. And last but not least, be honest with your rep counts, cut out these short counting of reps/rounds, in the end the only person you are cheating is yourself. How will you know if you are improving if you can’t even remember whether you did 12 or 15 last time because you know you were cutting reps short.

So that’s it…. our focus leading into the new year “INTENSITY WITH INTEGRITY” – live it, breathe it….OWN IT 🙂