6a00e553ff5b2688340192acc2ab78970d-800wiHi Everyone,

Attached are the 3 result tables for the Search for the Fittest in the Cook Islands Comp that piggy backed on the back of the 2015 Open Games.
Congratulations to ALL winners – Highlighted on each table (RX Mens, RX Womens, Teens, Masters, Scaled, Box Overall).
And thank you very much to all our SPONSORS
Each and every one of you helped make the prize giving a good night.
The Bond Store; 
Tumuora CrossFit; 
The Dive Centre; 
Bakers Trees;
Vaine Arioka; 
Whale Centre; 
Akavaine Salon; 
Lara Sadaraka
We also had the following spot prizes on the night:
Athletes of the Week:
15.3 – Jamie Gotty
15.4 – Tashi Tutai
15.5 – Mario Caffrey
OUTSTANDING Athletes during the Games as Voted by the Judges:
Raniera Ellison
Steve Whitta
Amelia Fukofuka
Shona Lynch
Tumuora MACHINE Award (Sponsored by the Machine herself – Sabine)
Jydden Napa
Most Consistent
Gordon Heather
Eusenio Fatialofa
Top Judge (judged the most people)
Julz Westrupp
Thank you also to everyone for your donations towards the judges. There was $200 which helped buy a bottle of wine for each of the judges.
For those of you that did not pickup your Certificate on the night you can get this from the Office.
Overall this was an excellent competition, a huge learning experience, and one that makes me worried about next year when I believe we will have 80+ people wanting to compete.
I hope we achieved what we were wanting and that was to open your eyes to the competition world of CrossFit – but not just the competition with others, but mainly the competition with yourself where you are competing with yourself every day – STRONGER / FITTER / HEALTHIER TODAY THAN YESTERDAY.
I hope you all enjoyed your very first experience of the CrossFit Open Games, and look forward to seeing you all doing it again next year and seeing the growth you would have made in that 1 year.
Thank You
2015 Opens DIVISIONS
2015 Opens OVERALL
2015 Opens SCALED