10978711_1056746611017685_2180286158377748376_nHi All,
There has been a few people enquiring as to when the next onramp is. So here it is:
START DATE: 23rd Feb 2015 (less than 2 weeks away)
SCHEDULE: Mon/Wed 6:30pm + Fri 5:00pm
# SESSIONS: 12 All Together
The onramp will be for 4 weeks. 9 compulsory sessions, 3 mainstream session, a total of 12 sessions. You get some videos about CrossFit on to your flash drive, and a free TShirt at the end if you graduate.
Onramp, is the induction program to CrossFit. Everyone must do an induction in order to learn the fundamental movements and cues of CrossFit so as to prevent injury.
The program is a COURSE where it gradually works at increasing your fitness levels, and your understanding of CrossFit so that you can join the mainstream classes afterwards with very minimal ??? (question marks) on your faces 🙂
There are 2 separate options for you to choose from:
STANDARD ONRAMP – Onramp ONLY $130 – This is for the 4 weeks Onramp sessions only.
ONRAMP SPECIAL – Onramp + 1 Month Unlimited Membership $200 (a $30 discount) – 4 Weeks onramp, plus, 4 weeks of unlimited membership AFTER onramp.
Both Options are Payable up front to lock in your spots. There are only 14 spots available.
IMPORTANT NOTE: There will most likely NOT be another ONRAMP till June 2015 as we will be concentrating on rolling out CROSSFIT KIDS.
You can Register Online by clicking Here. This will take you to a Members Login page. Click on SIGNUP on the left, and follow the instructions.
Be sure to choose the correct option.
REMEMBER: Registration does not secure your spot, payment must be received to lock it in.