BexHi Everyone,
Each week of the Games we choose an Athlete that we believe was outstanding. This person doesn’t necessarily have to win a Wod or be top ranking, but they definitely need to be someone that leaves an impression and has people talking because they are stunned with their performance. We look for a person that exceeds not only our expectations but also their own expectations.
All the judges were asked to make nominations, and the NOMINEES are:
JULZ WESTRUPP – Her determination to learn the technique for the C2B in a short time despite her shoulder injury.  She always seems to push that little bit harder come comp time and exceeds everyone’s, including her own expectations.  Her words after the WOD “Now I know with enough determination and hard work, nothing is impossible.  So don’t give up on yourself, just keep working hard and listening to [the coach] and it will come for you too!”
EDWIN TERAITUA – For his endless pursuit and love of trying to complete the second round
LAVINIA RASMUSSEN – Blew us away with her growth and how far she has come. She has the potential to be great – as long as she doesn’t get pregnant any time soon (hehehe, not my words).

JYDDEN NAPA – Lead the charge by showing athletes how to close the second round and start the 3rd. His form and focus went up a notch from 15.1. Our top teen that finished with the highest number of reps in the box, finishing just 9 reps short of the 4th round. He is so quiet always, but when he did his WOD he just exploded!! 🙂

RANIERA ELISSON – When ra gets into the arena he is on beast mode and you can see him fighting himself!!! amazing…

BUT, There can only be one winner, with a 1 vote lead, the Athlete of the Week Goes To:

REBECCA PUNI – She knew OHS were going to turn up in the Open had been Practising in her own spare time (outside of class) and nailed her first lot of OHS 15.2. But its not as simple as that….
In the days, hours, minutes and even seconds in the lead up to her start time (which was already put off by a whole round)…Bex was determined that she COULD NOT do OHS, let alone OHS 20kg, and don’t even ask about Pullups. At best she was hoping for even just 1 rep, she would be happy with that. Geoff had her work on her mobility for a good half hour before she started to help her.
In that moment of 3,2,1,GO! You could still see on her face that she was going to try really hard to get that 1, and her face told the story of how hard that was going to be. So you can imagine when she dropped below parallel and got the confirmed “Yep!” to bring the weight back up and finish the rep, it was a moment of excitement not just for her, but everyone that was cheering her on….We all thought “YES!!! You Did it”….everything else is just icing on the cake now.
And did she Ice that cake alright!! – I think she really been missing icing on the Nutrition challenge cause she went hard with the icing during this WOD.
She went on to get not only 2 OHS, but the full set of 6, which allowed her to move on to Pullups. The look on her face when she got two was so spine tingling that many expressed they got goosebumps watching her – I for one had tears swelling in my eyes because I was so happy for her.
Now back to the icing….Not only did she smash the 6 that she had no intention of doing….she also went on to get 3 Chin-to-Bar pullups – NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE EITHER!!! Holly Cow 🙂
So Congratulations Bex – You are a WINNER in all our eyes!! We look forward to watching you accomplish even more from these games. You are a great example to the many who have feared joining the games…
The games aren’t here to be feared, but for you to face your fears 🙂
Bex Happy