imageQ: What is your full name and why did your parents call you that?
A: Enuarurutini Geoffrey Tama. I don’t know why, presume it’s because they wanted to torment me when filling out forms over the phone and having to spell your name a over and over…

Q: Crossfit is an exploding phenomenon, how did you hear about it and what made you take the leap to try it?
A: Had heard that Olivia and Geoff were running XFit around the place. Did some research and saw that it was kind of the stuff I wanted to do, but in a more structured format. I was doing a lot of bullshit squats and deadlifts on my own, and was also doing animal movements, ZUU, and XFit does all of that.

Q: Your house is on fire, and you only have time to take 3 items with you as you leave what do you take? (pets and other humans not included)
A: Supple Leopard and Free+Style books, Gymnastics rings, Nano’s (yeah, I chose 4, XFit enabled me to carry more; this time next month – 5 items).

Q: Gymnastics, Cardio or weightlifting? And why….?
A: Gymnastics! Very few people outside the worlds of Weightlifting and Super Endurance appreciate what you talk about; 4 minute mile – Who cares?, 200 kg dead lift – so what? But everyone, EVERYONE, respects a fucking free hand standing push up!

Q: What do you do for a living? What is the funniest thing that happened to you at work?
A: IT and Online presence management. Shucks… peed in one of the rooms… who is going to read this?

Q: What has been the best coaching tip you have received at TCF? And what made it work for you?
A: Keep coming to class bro! You’ll get better. What made it work? Returning every session, going through the workout and collapsing in a spent heap of muscle and sweat, and then realising that you aren’t made of glass and that you have a much higher capacity for physical exertion than you thought. We are not as fragile as we think we are.

Q: Pain face grunter or silent sufferer? WHY? or What advantage does this give you?
A: GRUNTER! Because people mid WOD forget you’re there, I just want them to not forget me… It get lonely mid WOD. Advantages? None, it is purely for the ego, that is an advantage I guess?

Q: Short time frame, long endurance, Hero, The girls, The Open – what is your favourite WOD (design an original one if you want!!)
A: Favourite: “the-lounge-on-the-beach-with-a-cider for max reps – no time limit” WOD 😛 I love Fran, not because it is easy, but because she is the first Girl WOD invented by Greg Glassman, and I want to get that time down around 5 min.

Q: If you could change one thing at the box (anything) what would it be?
A: No walls, so we can breathe in the summer months. Also, no gravity so we can lift fucking tonnes

Q: What is the best thing you have achieved in Crossfit so far and why is it so epic?
A: A strict pull up. I haven’t been able to do one since high school, that is just 15 very short years ago 😛 Perseverance and commitment have made it possible. This little milestone is the foundation for the addiction. Bigger goals, bigger gains!

Q: Crossfit is hard, we all suffer towards the end of a WOD…. What do you tell yourself to keep going and finish strong?
A: Shit! GH is watching! Hahahaha… That is something I do do from time to time. But definitely, it is the little voice inside that says, one more, you’ve come this far, a few more and you’re done. It isn’t something that works every time, but it is my light in the dark in the WOD’s from hell.

Q: High Five or Fist Bump?
A: Fist Bump – High Five’s are too intimate and surprisingly energy expensive post WOD. One must open the palm, raise the arm and coordinate the contact with the other party… too many moving parts. Maybe if GH taught us proper tech, I would learn to love it.

A: My first ever WOD. I waltzed into the box, and GH had the original crew in for a session; Jamie, Zio, Tashi, Theresa, Rowena, Boggs, Chlem and Vicky, was early afternoon. I came in and they just started the WOD (Deadlifts, pull-ups, boxjumps and some other infernal movements). I saw Zio, and because of our day’s playing for Arorangi, I had someone to show me the ropes. Seeing the girls do the deadlifts and looking at the board at the prescribed weight for men of 50 kg’s, I thought “piece of cake! I do 160 kg’s at the gym. Oh My FAAAARRRKKKINNNNGGGG GGGOOOODDDD! It was rounds for time: DL’s/Pull Up’s/Box Jumps and something else. I barely made one round before my body shutdown… Legs gone, back in agony and snot, tears and sweat coming out of the all orifices at the same time… the only thing left to me was my ego, that massive cumbersome waste of space thing that shouted at me “keep going! If the girls can finish, you will die trying!”. So after seeing my life flash before my eyes, wishing for my mum, and drawing upon other mental coping mechanisms to hold the tears at bay and soldier through until out of the sight and hearing of the other athletes, I got to the end, a long time after everyone was done and had started packing down. With my body drenched and in full convulsions from the workout, the reassurances from the already initiated that I did well, even with my no reps and poor form. We patted one another on the back and did the mandatory, back then, high fives and discussed the WOD, I wasn’t going to hang around, so I made for the door to go home and try to process what the hell just happened. After a painful swim, shower, meal, tucking myself into bed, when the aches seemed a memory and the pain a remnant in my mind… I decided I had found the ONE! That one thing I had been looking for, that exercise regiment that allows for strength, endurance and coordination to be developed at the same time. I was in love. I signed up for onramp as soon as I could. Which was a while, because the WOD had me walking, sitting and driving funny for a week after.

A: DU’s and Pull Up’s. Still so happy that I can do pull ups and string together Du’s. They seem so out of reach when starting out, and now able to do them, I look to the next incarnation to chase, the MU’s and Triple Under.

A: Strict MU and Free Hand Standing Pushup J Dream big!

A: HSPU, It is so cool to pull this off at other gyms in the presence of mortals… bwahahahahah… It is like the Over Head Squat, just upside down and less legs. It works everything.

A: Don’t tell him, it’s definitely Edwin Teraitua. We did onramp as part of the same intake, and he has applied his training grit and attitude that has seen him represent the Cook Islands in Rugby and League and in the local comp to XFit and his growth is inspirational. Even as a shift worker, a father with a young family, he is getting the job done. When people throw up excuses that they can’t train because of situations like Edwin, yet, he gets it done. “my nigga!”.