OpensI’ve had a few questions in the last couple of days about the opens and the intimidation of doing it because there are movements that people can’t do or haven’t mastered. The question is usually “What if there are double unders (Or Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups etc), I can’t do them?”

My answer is always the same: “Then you can’t do them. This doesn’t mean you can’t do the Opens”.

If there is a movement one week (WOD) that you can’t do, then you will have time on the clock to give your best shot at getting as many reps as you can – this may be the time that you get your very first pullup, or when you string 2-5 DUs in a row, or your very first handstand pushup etc. Whether you get 1 rep in a WOD or 100, you still get a score and you still get to log it online like the rest of the world. There are thousands of people in the exact same position as you, if not worse. They give the workout a shot. They don’t say I CAN’T, they say I’M GOING TO DO MY BEST.

Many in the past have come to a WOD where they only manage to get 1 rep to log. They weren’t the first, nor will they be the last. This is the process by which you must go through when it comes to the Opens. Its not about whether you can do every single workout completely, its about whether you can give every single workout your best shot, even if that means crapping out on 1 or 2 WODs, who cares, there are another 4 or 3 WODs to do your best at.

What you will find is that over the course of 5 weeks you will have a ranking each week. Weeks 1 & 2 you may be ranked around 2,000; Week 3 around 6,000; Week 4 & 5 around 2,500. What does this tell you? It tells you that you are pretty well balanced except for this anomaly in week 3, this then should lead you to look at where your weaknesses are and what you have to work on so that next year you can have a ranking not only better than this year, but also well balanced and similar across the weeks.

Watch this video. If these people all around the world can do the Open, then so can you. I’m pretty sure you can agree there are a lot of movements that they can’t do, but that didn’t stop them from giving the Open a crack.

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Remember you are only competing against yourself, you have no idea what you are capable of till you give it a try.