Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you to our sponsors – Aroa Veggieland (Steve Whitta) and Wigmores (Lorna Wigmore). I love giving veggies as prizes for these challenges, it just reenforces what its all about.

We finally had the wrap-up and prize giving for our Tumuora Health & Fitness Challenge.

It was a great 8 week challenge that evolved into 12 weeks by the time we had final weigh ins.

Traditionally we have 2 winners – 1 being the person that kept the best log and logged the most points overall; and the other being the person that I choose whom I believe truly deserves to win the challenge not only because of their results (points, fat loss, fitness growth) but also because of their commitment to the challenge and overall transition to a new and healthier lifestyle.

I found it extremely hard to just pick 1 winner and there were a number of others that I wished to acknowledge for their hardwork in making a huge difference in their lives.


Melina lost 7kg and dropped 3% from her Fat %. But I think the biggest difference, and she will agree, was her significant change in lifestyle. A person that works at the Fishing Club would find it hard to not drink alcohol every day, but this challenge presented her with the tools to do so and she successfully transitioned to cutting alcohol out of her staple diet and changing it to become a social drinker instead. She also admitted to me she has never drunk water in her life (other than when she was a child) and now drinks water religiously every day. If you saw her at her very first workout you could tell straight away that she was a person that drank and smoked heavily…now she works out regularly in a week and has made a huge transition in her lifestyle towards a healthier one.



Ana had done this challenge once before, but this time round achieved results a lot faster. She is on a continuing downward trend, after already loosing 6kg. She has also significantly improved her strength, witnessed by many during the CrossFit Open. I’m proud of Ana because when she takes on these challenges, she commits to them as best she can, if not 100%. Because of this each time she has learnt more about herself and what works and doesn’t work. I truly believe she now has a set formula that works for her and with continued commitment to this newly chosen lifestyle she will go on with her downward trend.




Trish (1st) and Ine (2nd) are our winners for total points over the challenge. Both ladies are excellent role models in our community. When the task is set they commit to it. Each and every week they are presented with new tasks and challenges to work on and each of them accepted and grasped each with the positivity and determination required of an individual to get the results that you want out of a challenge such as this.

Many on this challenge couldn’t see the importance of keeping a log. Many gave it a good shot to start off with but failed to follow through to the end. Only a handful would continue each and every week through to the end of the challenge with recording points, as well as achieving the bonus points that were given from the set tasks for each and every week.

It is important to understand that a log is absolutely crucial if you wish to make any significant difference in your transition. A log allows you to reflect back on what was and compare it to what is. I.e. what worked and didn’t work for you, and how it is working for you now. The log also creates accountability, so that you attack the tasks set each week. These aren’t set for the fun of it, they are strategically set to encourage you to try new things and instil new habits that all contribute to making your life better, stronger, and healthier.



1 of my chosen champions. Ropati came to us in a difficult situation, namely high blood pressure and diabetes medication. After the initial 6 weeks his medical checkup resulted in him coming off his high blood pressure meds and cutting his diabetes medication from having to take it daily right down to just 2 or 3 times a week. You can only imagine how delighted and over the moon he was.

Ropati went on to follow the prescribed diet for the full 10 weeks. Cutting his fat% by 3.5%. Never having cheated except on 2 very small occasions where he had a beer, and the other a little bread.

Ropati admitted to me that in the week immediately after the challenge he went back to eating bread again, but not as much as before. He immediately felt the effects that bread (glucose) was having on his body. His diabetes medication had to be taken more regularly, and he was feeling low and crappy for that 1 week. We also noticed an immediate reversal in his fat loss results.

I’m proud of Ropati for taking this journey, the changes he had to make to his lifestyle and diet would have been so much more challenging for him in comparison to others on the challenge yet he stuck it through and was able to make huge improvements / changes that the effects of the opposite were noticeable immediately.

Geoff and I have decided to help Ropati out to further his progress and hopefully get him off all his meds altogether. We are sponsoring him for a further 2 months of Nutritional Support as well as 2 months membership with Tumuora CrossFit.





If you want one person to talk to from this challenge on how it has changed their life, then Amelia is that person. I’ve had a number of chats with Amelia, and she is the one person that stood out over everyone else to have fully grasped and understood everything that I was trying to teach. Amelia followed the guidelines to a tee. She didn’t sweat the small stuff i.e. she allowed herself treats where it was due, but made sure to record it. In doing so she was able to keep on top of everything. She had a training, sleeping, eating routine that was realistic and sustainable. She had consistent results every week in terms of logged points, and in the end her consistency and commitment paid off.

Amelia went on to loose almost 13kg and cut her fat % by 3% on the challenge.

Now when you talk to her, you know she has succeeded beyond her own expectation in that she now doesn’t even have to think twice about the way she eats. Its all second nature to her and she has fully grasped her new lifestyle. She has also gone on to make changes in her own family, which ultimately is our goal – the dominos effect.



Well those that were on the challenge, this is only the beginning. These past 12 weeks were all about you learning the tools that you need in order to make healthy decisions today and in the future for an improved lifestyle. If you didn’t give the challenge the commitment it deserved it is not the end of the world, you know what needs to be done so go ahead and do it. If you did, well congratulations, you are that much closer to an improved lifestyle. Keep working at it and the results will come.

Those of you that did not pick up your tees, you can do so from the box.



We will be doing things a little differently.

COMING SOON!!! to Tumuora CrossFIT …………………. TUMUORA’s 150 CLUB

I will be announcing a new 12 Week Nutrition Challenge with start date 27th APRIL 2015.


There is a catch….the 150 Club is Exclusive Only to those that are 150kg+ :-)…that’s right you have to come in for a weigh in to confirm your eligibility to be in this group.

More information to come very soon…in the mean time please pass on the word to those that may be interested, and they can contact me (Olivia) on [email protected]