LizHi Everyone,
Each week of the Games we choose an Athlete that we believe was outstanding. This person doesn’t necessarily have to win a Wod or be top ranking, but they definitely need to be someone that leaves an impression and has people talking because they are stunned with their performance. We look for a person that exceeds not only our expectations but also their own expectations.
All the judges were asked to make nominations, and the nominees are:
Steve Whitta – a true champion who shows us all that AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER. He braved the workout and stuck to Rx considering TTBs is a huge weakness (I think this is the same for all).  He was the perfect example of someone that did not let a movement defeat him just because he wasn’t efficient at it…he kept fighting through the remaining time to get as many reps possible…whether it was 1 or 5 extra he wanted it.
Teariki Puni – never does TTBs, came to this workout…Rx’d it and left on a high 🙂 Even his wife was so happy because she had a husband living on Cloud 9, and the fact that they had problems with starting both their vehicles that morning was not going to ruin that buzz for him. Everyone can take a page out of his book, whether you are Rx or Scaled, young or old, look at your performance and don’t dwell on the “should haves” or “could haves” but instead focus on the Positives – You all just did your very first Open Games WOD a milestone in itself, and many of you achieved PBs or first times.
Jydden Napa – not many of you got to watch him do his workout, he had excellent form and push, his frustrations with his TTBs only pushed him harder. This 17 year old school boy finished with 107 reps and a 78kg C&J. If we apply CrossFits logic behind scaling, this is the equivalent of a grown man lifting 117kg. At 78kg he lifted more than his body weight. Huge promise in CrossFit and weightlifting for him.
And last but not least, THE WINNER of our MOST OUTSTANDING ATHLETE
Liz Tama (Pori) – i remember overseeing her WOD and not thinking much of it, till about 2 mins or so into it and I clicked that Liz was not even struggling with the TTBs at all…she was kicking that bar like she owned it and has owned it for a long time….who knew???? I definitely didn’t and it gave me goosebumps to think how far she has come and what a perfect arena for her to show all the hard work she has put into her gymnastics.
A couple of quotes from our judges:

“Gymnastics is her weakness and she has been working hard to improve on this. She had a good strategy and paced her TTBs and she was impressive……she definitely exceeded her own expectations”.

“She kicked ass RX. Her dedication to her eating and training definitely showed on the day.  She had extremely good movement standards – very clear reps and very easy to judge.  6 months ago she couldn’t even do one TTB. ….She came with a game plan and it was obvious.  She stuck to it and kicked ass”
SO CONGRATULATIONS TO LIZ for such an outstanding 1st Open Games WOD performance. Bring on weeks 2-5 🙂
Liz will receive a little prize for her efforts – an Endura Instant Cooling Towel (Sponsored by Vonnias) and the current Box Life Magazine.